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. a pair of water main breaks, baltimore county. closed between millford mill and up land road. right lane and shoulder are blocked at stevens. as we look around the city, no problems pretty clear as we see downtown from the tower. back to you. >> nice shot. 5:31 a.m. after two and a half feet of snow this is nothing but we have to take a little time to get going. >> allow yourself some time. what we will face once we walk outside hello linda you look nice and warm. >> i have lots of layers on. that is the key. so what you will be facing this morning, probably the hardest part is when you walk out your door because side streets, neighbourhood roads still iffy main roads looking great. here in towel son we have our ruler tells us 4 inches we got 4 inches, so when you walk out the door you will have to do shoveling this morning and we have tips for you because shoveling if you don't do it the right way can lead to bigger problems. especially with people with heart conditions. let's look at these tips we have put together for you. shoveling does a number on your heart so you want to keep some
this morning. there are accidents to tell you about. in the of owings mills reason and a water main break and 1 shunpikes bill. a slow go around the area. that is what you expect for conditions the way they are. and accident coming in and near pasadena. 12 minutes on the outer loop northeast side. 40 minutes on the outer loop west side. -- 14 minutes on the outer loop west side. roads here are in pretty good shape. volume is going to change this. to the rows are in pretty good shape. that is the latest. over to you. >> a winter storm warning remains in effect in most of the viewing area until 10:00 this morning. >> our reporter joins us live from reisterstown. >> good morning. we are doing ok. the snow is history. the drive up here is pretty smooth sailing. the major roadways looking pretty clear. very clear considering the snow stopped an hour or so ago. salt trucks are trying to make sure the roads are not slick. they are still wet. some of the secondary roadways are pretty slushy as well. use extra time and caution this morning. a wet snow and a more compact snow than what we were seeing thi
at arbutus. accident. as deana, mountain road, a water main break towel son, southbound york road stevenson lane. as we check at jfx it is quiet at northern parkway. >> pay attention to your delay scene at the bottom. we are getting calls. school systems out there are assessing what they are going to do making the call. watch watch watch. first glance gorgeous but now you think we would have these snow days covered. >> yeah, take it easy. let's start with sheree how is it looking in. >> reporter: not bad. corner of murdoch and york road. take a look behind me here, you can see the main roads look pretty good. basically a lot of wet pavement but the side streets is where you will definitely find a problem. here, these streets are snow covered so it makes it tricky to manoeuvre. state highway administration has been out all night long salting roads to keep drivers safe. they have 1100 pieces of equipment on the road statewide. then they move to the neighbourhoods and tackle those side streets not only are problems with side streets in baltimore county but here is a look also at northeast balt
't have to scrape too much. these are the side roads but on the main roads you saw a car pass, not too bad. the salt trucks have been out this morning and the roads are very clear. if you can make it through your neighborhood, you should be just fine getting out there. again the turning lanes were the only difficult we saw on the major roads as we were coming out to rogers forge. we will keep an eye on the conditions here in baltimore county and let you know how things are shaping up as the morning continues and the morning commute as well. rogers forge, megan gilliland, fox 45 morning news. >>> joel d smith is keeping an eye on the conditions at westminister. joel, how are things at carroll county. >> if you are on the main road, you're in good shape. we have 140 behind us. this road is wet and everybody coming out here, it's just wet. if you can get to the main roads you're in good shape. the thing the side roads are not quite done yet, and that kind of looks like this. we have one of our favorite plow drivers here. he says this is the heaviest snow he has seen so far, real rough on the
but the main delay stretches from new hampshire to georgia avenue. our next stop, this is 66 eastbound. tracking this trip, it is problem free. you want to take it slow on the ramps and those bridges as you just saw on the outer loop. and in northeast dc, north capitol street is closed between d street and channing because of police activity. now, over to you. >>> we want to go outside for a ground view of what commuters are facing this morning. >>> 9 news now reporter kristin fisher is joining us with more. >> hi, kristin. >> good morning. i'm happy to report it is a very nice morning. it stopped snowing. the roads are looking really good and i want to take a moment to stop and smell the roses because in my opinion i think this is the most beautiful snowfall of the season. the stuff is sticking to the trees. i got my cup of coffee from the 7-eleven across the street and people seem to be in good spirits. take a look back here. these parking lots. we are at the woodmore shopping center and they have been working nonstop to make sure the sidewalks are clear and the parking lot is paveed
: unfortunately it's going to be all about the dig out this morning. we want to show you, this is what the main lines look like. here is 695 moving at 83. you can see the cars are moving and the roads look pretty clear so no snow there, but then let's check on what it looks like moving at rogers forge this morning, well that, is a different story. we of course, have the snow that is completely packed down. now the slushy conditions so that is on the roads. and look at those cars, they're definitely covered with it, so you will have to spend a little bit of time digging out this morning. now the main lines, though, they're pretty much in the clear. that is just a slick ride from 83 up toward 795, the drivers definitely did a good job, 9 minutes the actual time, traveling at 51 miles per hour. on 795 making the push toward 95, not too much to complain about there, either, just a 12 minute clip at 53 miles per hour. traveling through baltimore, the same deal. southbound 95 on the fort mchenry tunnel, 8 minutes at 53 miles per hour. now this is for the roads to tell you about the mta. we talked to
is kim brown. >> the main roads are petty much clear but that does not mean they are not slick. drivers should adjust your speeds could be icy on the exit ramps and overpasses as well aside from that we are looking good just one accident in the area, rossville, 95 southbound crash off to the shoulder. not impacting you. a water main break closed both directions, towlson, right lane in shorter blocks. at stevens as we look at the jfx looking good in both directions pretty slick use some caution. back to you. >> just turned 602. you knew what you were up against before you went to bed. >> now you are up and ready to go. let's go to sheree johnson. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. not looking too bad. rogers forge corner of murdoch and york road not bad at all. see the main street basically what we are dealing with is mostly wet pavement traffic is starting to pick up out here but the problem areas seem to be side streets that is where you will find difficulty here in rogers forge you can see some streets have snow on them which makes it tricky to manoeuvre. we have seen some salt
. this is roland avenue, a main thoroughfare, through roland park, and you can see it is plowed but still kind of hard for people with nonfour-wheel drive to pass through. even we in our live truck got stuck a couple of times. the city toll us plows are still out and about and today they will focus on side streets. two days later and the state is still digging out. most areas saw about two feet of snow during the historic 24 hour snowfall. >> just want to update everybody in terms of where we are and dealing with this huge, heavy snow. >> reporter: late sunday night the governor held a briefing saying crews have their work cut out for them, trying to get the interstates clear. this after widespread problems that left many drivers stranded over the weekend. >> sitting here for five hours. >> reporter: finally you can see the pavement again on most interstates but there are still problem areas. >> right now there's a tendency for folks to drive much faster than they should. there's a tendency for people to be out there that shouldn't be out there. stay home. >> reporter: in baltimore city, s
. this is your main drive, 395, it is treated, but what i'm seeing is something scary. drivers going really fast. i do not advise that. we still have a lot of ice, a lot of slick spots. you're definitely going to want to give those snowplows the room they need to continue to clear our roads. that's the latest. >>> we're going to take another quick break and leave you with a shot from washington dc. >>> this is a look at i-66, where we see a good deal of pavement there. but angie says some people are moving way too fast. so if you do have to be out there, slow down. sometimes when weather is at its worst, we are actually at our best. israel is in northwest washington with a story about neighbors helping neighbors. >> reporter: you know, it's a different kind of feeling out here once the sun comes out. there are more people out here. with d.c. road crews trying to clear away the roadways in the neighborhoods, there are some folks who are just trying to be neighborly. mr. lewis kendall is being quite the gentleman this morning. >> i'm doing it because i'm helping that young lady out because she doe
again, you might be stuck in that house for one more day. the main lines, 95 moving at 395, look at that, it is clear, those main lines are in pretty good shape. a few icy patches, all in all the crews did a good job on the main lines. that's a look at the morning travels, patrice, back over to you. >>> many of you are waking up hoping to finally make it out of your homes this morning, but the reality is you are probably still snowed in and won't be able to drive away from the storm for quite sometime. megan gilliland is still in rogers forge and she has a look at the conditions there, and it looks pretty bad, megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. i will tell you what a much different picture than yesterday afternoon and into the later evening hours. the wind is still here, but i tell what, no snow breezing around, nothing like what we saw yesterday. what is the left in the aftermath is a lot of snow drifts. when you're walking around, when you come out of your front door, you may think that you are walking in an inch or 2, take a look at this as we are walking here.
chill today. >>> what will you encounter on your commute. here is sharon. >>> the main roads are looking very good this morning. side streets still have ice and snow, though. there's a look at 95 and 695 and a look at the top side of the beltway. both are clear there. and you'll find two issues at this point, one accident on 95 in the southbound lanes just past the beltway on the northeast side. speeds a little slow approaching that one and second accident on 95 northbound at 175 and within other accident. that one is going to be on hess road and can't can't canbury lane. you can see that accident there is on the right shoulder in the southbound lanes. web. wjz is always on. you can always log onto >>> we got our full first warning weather crew on the street this morning. ron matz is on boston street and andrea on ritchie highway. >> reporter: good morning. we have some very good news for those driver with four wheel -- without four-wheel drive, like myself. you're going to be just fine this morning. mainly major roadways. take a look at ritchie highway behind me. you can see ho
. >> crews been working to remove snow off main thoroughfares. this crew was sent down from boston, massachusetts to help. >> it is awful. i have never seen anything like this. >> lan are narrow. sidewalks are not shoveled. pedestrians have no choice but to walk in the road. >> the lanes have formed into one. people just have to be courteous. >> extremely cold temperatures are not helping matters. snow is not the only problem. overhanging roof tops know is part of the hazard. the way to the ice is proving too much for tree branches. -- the weight of the ice is proving too much for tree branches. >> there is not proper planning. but even pulling out a bigger share parking lot is becoming a problem. >> it is becoming a problem. people are getting nervous. >> this parking lot is truly amazing. snow crews been working around the clock. if they have focused on inbound lanes. now they are focusing on the outbound lanes. it will be several days before our can you -- commutes are back to normal. >> thank you. all of the problems on the road will be here tomorrow morning. >> we will be post
accidents to they have been cleared. some water main breaks right at stevenson and at milford mail. -- mill. we are not dealing with significant delays at the moment. we are in great shape of their. we are pleasantly surprised. road crews did an excellent job over night. 12 minutes on southbound 95. this is liberty road. can live view 895 approach in the harbor tunnel. fort mchenry is in great shape as well. back to you. >> our big story this morning is the road crews continued to sought the roads after overnight snow. -- salt the roads after overnight snow. >> traffic is picking up on reisterstown road. they are not having any problems getting by. the road is very clear as we found on many of the major roadways on our way up here. it is down to the pavement and wet. use extra caution because of that. it is very cold out here. be very careful. not really an issue on the roads. an issue on the sidewalk however. something to be aware of. some snow goods may be a good idea this morning. the cautious and careful. over to you. >> it may be taking a way to get information from schools regarding d
on the washington area. many of the main roads are just wet. but side streets are snowy in many places. good morning and welcome to "news 4 today." i'm eun yang. >> i'm kimberly suiters in for joe krebs. thank you for waking uperly with us this morning. >>> the federal government is open this morning with an unscheduled leave policies. there are several schools either closed or delayed. in virginia, alexandria schools are on a two-hour days. closed, prince william, manass, loudon county, frederick, cull per per. >> in west virginia berkeley, grant, hardy and jefferson county schools are closed. mineral and morgan county schools are also closed. time to check in with tom kierein because we need to find out if this beautiful snow is going to melt on the side streets today. >> it stuck to all the shrubbery and the trees. many of the roads and the main roads are just wet, a little slushy in some areas. radar showing a few lingering flurries in prince george's county, southeast washington. elsewhere we don't have any precipitation. the storm is over. these are some of the snow totals, generally around th
. 1 at boey road, there's water main break. the harrisburg expressway at mount carmel looks pretty good. there's an accident near the maryland line on the harrisburg expressway. no sign of an impact of the accident on the bw parkway, but we will keep you posted. >> people are still looking out for potential danger in the form of several feet of snow piled on people's awnings and roofs. >> jennifer franciotti is live in hamden with this story. >> [no audio] >> we are having audio problems. we will get back to jennifer a little later in the program. if you can see from the pictures it's a problem for some folks that have already lost their awnings in particular from the weight. >> it will be a long time before it thaws out. one person is dead after two long house fire in annapolis that broke out before 1:00 a.m. in the east or neighborhood. fire crews found an unidentified man inside a house, pronounced dead at the scene. not known if he died from burns or smoke inhalation. >> for the second time in two days, crews have been called to battle a blaze at the wrong station. yesterday th
in arlington. jennifer donelan is in the district, john gonzalez is on a main road in maryland, but we begin with richard reeve in tysons corner. >> i don't know if you can see this through the camera lens, but the snow is falling sideways. the wind is picking up. check this out, this is ground we have been walking around on all evening. it is snow-covered once again. the real story on the roads, route 7 is covered with snow. not a good night to be out. call it tysons corner tundra. >> where is global warming when you need it? >> it is getting worse. >> man and machine against nature. 1800 vdot snowplows on the road, hundreds of private plows. >> we are busy. damage is racing from place to place? >> back-and-forth. >> virginia commuters were scrambling to get home. >> it is too much. >> from the belt way to the main thoroughfares and sidestreets -- >> we are getting it done. >> drivers were added nonstop. >> they are getting stuck, sliding off the roads. >> despite repeated clearing, the on ramps and all from spain for a challenging ride. -- the on ramps and off ramps made for a challenging
store to the main road falls road. >> reporter: and we have seen the crews still out there, they will be out there throughout the night. but we did just hear from the mayor's office that phase two of the snow emergency will be lifted at midnight. that means that starting at midnight, you can park on the snow emergency rout. reporting live, kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. >> kelly, thank you. we do have a full list of snow advisories running at the bottom of the screen. >>> it happened in annapolis junction, firefighters say a snowplow operator was clearing snow on a third level of a garage when a 20 by 30-foot section collapsed. now the unidentified driver escaped unharmed -- somehow the unidentified driver escaped unharm. >>> it's unlikely any customer will escape their next bge bill without digging deeper into their family budget. people kept tvs on, heaters full blast, and kitchens working full time. >>> after working for more than 24 hour, rescuers finally find the climber who fell into mount st. helens. turns out the man was posing for a photograph when he topple
the warnings to stay in. howard county is trying to keep the main roads passable, and they will be back to the main points of what date will do dealing with the salting starting again at 5:00. they tell us they have 13,000 tons of salt they are using, not only for this storm but for the one that is predicted to come next week around tuesday. they think they are prepared for not only this storm but also the next. >> now that we are in a blizzard warning situation, it does not look like a full blizzard situation, but the wind is picking up where you are right now. >> wherever you turn, you are getting hit us know. no matter what i do, i am getting hit by snow. the wind is pushing the snow all over the place. we are not seeing snow drifts, but we are getting pelted. we have seen a couple of people actually wafting through the area -- walking through the area, getting supplies from the exxon station. >> as you can see, people should stay off the roads. the national weather service has issued a list of safety tips for everyone riding out the storm. first and foremost, as we have been saying,
avenue and upland drive and we wanted to show you kind of the difference between a clear main road and side street but you know what? to be honest, the clear roads really aren't so clear. this is roland avenue. you can kind of see behind me. you won't see any pavement today on many of these clear -- so-called "clear" -- roads. we spoke to a bge crew who is wandering around, trying to help out and they said they have been driving around and haven't seen many clear roads. this is what people will deal with today. this is a side street and is passable, relatively speaking. but there will be a lot of bumps on your drive. it's not going to be good for your car. it's very slippery because of the cold conditions. so bottom line, stay at home if you can but there's still a lot of work to be done by those road crews. two days later and the state is still digging out. most areas saw about 2 feet of snow during the historic 24- hour snowfall. >> just want to update everybody in terms of where we are in dealing with this huge, heavy snow. >> the governor held a briefing saying crews have th
, a person was struck and killed by a train near the main street crossing. the csx train was traveling from baltimore to cumberland at the time. >>> stephanie rawling drake is a very busy woman just hours after becoming the new mayor. the new mayor spoke about moving forward. mary bubala has complete coverage from city hall. >> mayor, may i be the first to congratulate you. >> reporter: at 12:15 this afternoon, stephanie rawlings blake become the 31st mayor. she signed her name under disgraced mayor sheila dixon. >> none of us asked for this moment. but all of us must accept the challenges and hard work that come with it. >> reporter: moments after the new mayor's comments, the transfer of power could be felt and seen inside city hall. the official city seal with dixon's name taken down, replaced with one bearing our new mayor's name. rawlings blake admits that the office she's filling needs to regain the trust of the community. after tending to her aunt who had fainted during the ceremony. mayor rawlings-blake went right to work. she says boosting public education is one of her top priori
the main route from athens to thessalonica, everything stopped. welcome to the new normal in greece. what's happened here seems to be that the farers have stopped the traffic simply by parking their tractors at the side of the road. there's no traffic on the road. there are no police. there are not many farmers. but it's paralyzed the main route across greece. and like everything else here, this is going to be about money. this is just one of 30 road blocks paralyzing greek trade with the balkans. who's the enemy? well, i'm about to find out. >> they are like the octopus, corrupt politicians, america, britain, he says. the octopus which goes take take take. >> these men farm cotton, corn, fruit and vegetables like british farmers last year they haven't had their subsidiaries paid by the e.u. the difference in greece is, though, the government here has no money to tide thm over. >> why didn't they pay you the money? >> we don't know. they don't know. so the biggest problem is that they don't know. >> they don't know. >> they don't know. >> the government. >> they don't know, or they don't
is definitely not the best place i would want to be. >> the main ones are good, the side streets are crappy. >> reporter: maryland national guard has received requests from almost every county. baltimore city will have one humvee at each emergency station. >> in these times, when we're talking about a blizzard you have to do something extra. the national guard is helping us do that. >> reporter: as accumulation increases, so do the chances for disaster. >> branches and limbs will break. they will take power lines down. and the fact of the matter is that we're going to be dealing with a lot of power outages as we go into the night here. and so coordinating with bte is going to be a much bigger challenge. >> reporter: this is a side street in little italy, it's been snowing for several hours. there are a couple of inches on the ground, and you can tell there still has not been a plow throughout this area. >> we often think that drivers that are out there in these unsafe conditions, end up running off the road or have other problems and they will end up interfering with the ability of our snow
moderately groomed the main arteries. stephanie rawlings-blake said 70% of the secondary roads have had at least one pass by a plow. >> the trust -- the trucks that put 40,000 miles on them since friday. we are keeping our resources. the state has given us some assets to use. we have the equipment coming in from out of state to help with the effort. we're doing everything we can put up with some residents are not buying that. this person had a hard time getting a cab to take his mother to the hospital because the roads were so bad if they had plowed all the seets, why would the cab drivers be reluctant to draw? >> if things got so bad in some areas of that residence actually dug their street out of the >> this road and side street that has not been touched is in better condition than the main artery one street over. it is a testament to neighborhoods. >> many were surprised that the road was in such bad shape in the course that is a significant artery up and down. it is not clear at all which is surprising. >> we found that not everybody was completely upset. some were taking things in
't be overconfident if you travel on the main lines. they look clear but you could come across trouble spots. as far as 95 halving t 95 traved county no problems. let's talk about the beltway. the side of the volume is increasing from 795 toward 95, 12 minutes at 52 miles per hour. the same deal there on the top end of the beltway from 83 up toward 795, a 9 minute clip traveling at 51 miles per hour there. that's a look at the more than travels, patrice, back over to you. >>> plowing on the beltway was put on hold for a while yesterday after a tractor trailer ran into the plow equipment. it happened yesterday afternoon on the outer loop of the beltway near route 40 in catonsville. the big rig ran into the back of the state highway pickup truck that was care owing an arrow sign to direct traffic around the plowing. the crash caused a major backup. the driver of the pickup was taken to shock tra trauma with nonlife threatening injuries. >>> it happened in the 1600 block of charlotte avenue yesterday afternoon. it took rescuers 10 minutes to get them out, they were taken to hopkins bayview, there's no
around. we did have some trouble on some of our main lines early today. serious crash along the outer loop lanes of the belt way at route 40. it involved a tracktor trailer and state highway vehicle and take a look at the delays. fortunately it is a much different scene tonight taking a live look here at the belt way. you can see not much volume on the roadway and cars moving along just fine. now as we make our way over to 95 at 395 taking alive look at this area no problem to report either. as we take a live look, well there we go. you can see not many cars on the road and you do want to watch out however if traveling the main line for watches of ice and snow. we have an accident to tell you about in the city. this is right at south president street. that's the evening travels, let's send it back to you. >> okay thanks so much. >> tragedy in baltimore couldn't early today. worker east killed in an accident involving a small front end loader. it happened around noon in the 10,000 block of rice town road in ongs mills. driver whose car got stuck stopped by a gas station and as
time and be careful. the main road out there on york road. you can see main roads, highways, roads are still clear so you just want to take your time today. as i said it it is the wind. that will be the problem today. we want to show you new video shot this morning. i want you to listen to this. can you hear that? that is the wind, and it's only supposed to get worse as the day goes on. you can see it blowing the snow around in all directions. if you are heading out today, you'll want to -- you are going to feel this wind so bundle up. you'll feel your car moving back and forth. so it will be a busy day for bge crews with anticipated power outages. if you happen to lose power today, you need to call 1-877- 778-2222. that'll take you directly to a troubled processing center. that system works by matching your phone number, so you want to make sure bge has your current phone number on file. with the strong winds, there is the possibility of many traffic lights going on. if you happen to come by one and if you live in the city, you scred to call 311. treat those lights if you come
related, too. water main break. crews are out here working. police are blocking the roadway on eastbound university between grand view avenue and viersmill road. westbound traffic is getting by. they are just stopped at a light right now. we are tacking on an extra 20 minutes from 95 to georgia avenue. that appears to be just volume. a lot of people got a later start to the day so we are seeing more slow goes around time around the region. southbound gw parkway, this is our headache, despite the graphic being chopped up like this, i don't need to say it but a lot of red here from the beltway to the key bridge. we have tight lanes because we have so much snow on both sides of the roadway. the beltway is stacked braddock to 66. that's just volume. peeking of 66 one solid slow go from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway and around nutley we have an accident pushed to the shoulder. back to you. >>> with several thousands of our neighbors returning to work for the first time this week, public transportation across the region is being put to the test today. 9 news now's kristin fisher is
. the highways, for the most part the highways and the main roads are clear, but not all of the lanes are clear. you may driving along at 50 miles an hour on a clear lane and all of a sudden it's not clear. be cautious of that. >>> it's monday, february 8th, the monday after a big snow. maryland is digging out from a record-breaking weekend snow fall. we were blasted with more than 30 straight hours of snow with some areas seeing more than 30 inches and of course, that means there was a lot of cleaning up to do. we are going to bring you live team coverage of how people are managing to dig out. megan gilliland is in north baltimore county. joel d smith is in north baltimore and we're going to talk with them in a few minutes. as you can imagine, students across maryland will have a snow day today. sheer a look at that list. anne arundel county. baltimore city, baltimore county, carroll, cecil county schools, closed, charles, dorchester, harford, howard county schools also closed. kent county, mont gom he re mon, prince george's, and somerset county, talbot county, wacomico and worcester county s
patches on streets and sidewalks. main routes look good. you'll be dealing with mountains of snow. it is time to hit the road and make the trek back to work. how treacherous will be returned to normal. ? >> pretty bad. >> what did you encounter? " there is a lot of ice. >> snow-clearing efforts continue. a lot of roads remained slack, slushy, and snowy. >> try to stay on the main roads. >> you can expect delays and possibly some of the torch after the record-breaking snow storm. we are hearing from most people commuting in that if you stay on the main routes, you will do pretty well. do whatever you can to avoid the side streets. even some of the less traveled roads are still pretty snow cover. a lot of ice and snow to deal with. >> metro rail is open with a limited service today. the orange line goes from ballston to new carrollton. the yellow line goes from reagan national to mount vernon square station. all stations are open on the green line. metro will close at midnight to allow crews to clear the tracks. metrobus service will begin with a limited number of routes. >>> the ma
the largest one. the main earthquake, 8.8. but the oranges and yellows these are all aftershocks that have occurred rob and betty in the past 24 hours. we just had an intense magnitude. we will continue to watch this as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours, and then for months as you heard from officials as well, from this point forward. >> and that's a strong aftershock, and just a testament that they are still seeing aftershocks in haiti, and that happened back in january. >> it's all caught on camera. e e of 11 essential vitamins and minerals, juicy raisins and crunchy whole grain flakes. guess it's all about what kind of crunch you like. how are you getting 100%? which beneful prepared meals. tonight? guess it's all about what kind of crunch you like. roasted chicken recipe? okay, savory rice and lamb stew. [ barks ] you're right. tonight is a beef stew kind of night. you've made another fine choice. look at those beefy chunks all packed with protein, the real vitamin-rich vegetables, the wholesome grains. and you think you're gpnting spoiled. it's so good for you too. [ announcer ] b
are looking. >> driving out here, we noticed that the main roads are very clear. 95 is looking very good. we are monitoring the bridges and ramps, and overpasses. this will frees up more quickly than the major roadways. they are really going full steam ahead, making certain that they are on this. they have a couple of inches out here and we have been measuring this during this morning. they did not have the three or 6 inches that they were expecting. as you can see, there are not many vehicles out here. the trucks have really been going up and down the road ways. we have been talking about the trucks in northern virginia. taking a look at arlington county -- they are working in 12-hour shifts on the main road, after the snow stopped falling. they have been moving onto the secondary roads. the side streets -- looking at them, these are not terrible. there is some snowfall on the side streets this morning. it is not as terrible as what we saw in the past. this is something to watch out for when you clear of your vehicle this morning. >> thank you very much. they will stay out as long as necess
that the gentlewoman from maine, miss pin gri, control the remainder of my time. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentlewoman from maine is recognized. miss pin gri: -- miss pin gri -- >> i yield two minutes to the gentleman. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman is recognized for two minutes. >> i thank the gentlewoman from maine for yielding the time and i also want to salute the chairwoman of the rules committee, ms. slaughter, who has been a champion for american families when it comes to standing up for their needs, especially in health care. mr. speaker, i rise in strong support of h.r. 4626, the health insurance industry fair competition act and the underlying rule. it is time for policymakers in washington to determine whose side are they on, are they on the side of the health insurance companies or the side of american families and small businesses? i urge my colleagues to stand up for hardworking families across america and pass this health insurance industry fair competition act today. because the state of the current law is unfair. health insurance companies currentl
overall. an accident in the killings mail area. the water main break on stevenson. and the pipes filled region has a lane closed. keep your speeds down. southbound 95 an accident as you approach 195. another accident location for you. six minutes on southbound 95 down toward the fort mchenry split. it is a slow go this morning. if you can get out early to warm up your car and clear of the snow, it will work to your advantage. if you are traveling on the topside of the beltway, so far so good. roads are passable. the side streets are wet. you will see some ice and slick spot out there. be careful and you should be ok. in live view of traffic. researching for the accident on 95. hopefully it is not there. that is the latest. over to you. >> our big story this morning, the weather and road conditions. crews have been out all night trying to clear the roadways for the commute this morning. >> we will check on how it is affecting schools. we will check with our reporter in reisterstown. >> i have my own unofficial way to measure these no -- measure the snow. i stick my foot in here. we do no
. we are dealing with problem spot in catonsville, edmonds bill -- edmondson has a water main break. reduced visibility as to make your way across bridges so be careful there. 12 minutes on the west side. early morning snow removal in this lane. a nice ride with no delays to report that the toll plaza. that is the latest. back t. >> despite efforts to open, many schools have closed their doors. >> jennifer franciotti is out taking a look at the conditions. we will begin with our education reporter, tim tooten. there are many school closings. >> 80 delays. anne arundel county closed along with baltimore county. caroline, frederic, harford howard -- harford and howard county closed. safety issues. some schools have a two-hour delay and one hour delay. it is a matter of safety. some kids cannot get to school. that is what they made the call. we will let you know more as we get the information. if you are in college, you have to go to school. >> many are having a hard time clearing out the snow. jennifer franciotti continues our live coverage from guilford elementary school. >> this sch
will get a credit from them because of an agreement a while back. the main that have a higher bill as a result things are moving along fine this morning. the other big issue was traffic has been that because of snow plows. there is an issue this morning causing you to have more patience. let's check out our whether computer. some lake effect snow is rotating out of the midwest. most of it will stay to our north. in little more sunshine is expected today that should help the melting process. that is is for now. over to you. >> the process is complicated, but it could save you money on your electric bill. >> i will do my best to try to explain it coming up. you have to look at the diagram to understand what is going on. >> right it is hard to explain. >> start at the right, rotated three times. that is what i got. >> we have, cover around this morning. cloud at night keep the image as warmer than they would be of the ones. so the cloud cover has given as milder temperatures this morning. there is a possibility that some of flurries could come across the northern line. most of you wil
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has fallen there and it's on those cars. so that is going to be the main annoying factor is just actually digging into your car this morning. as far as the main lines, though, let's check in on those. here is 83 moving at 695 you can see the cars are indeed moving, no snow out on the main roads. that is at least the good news and the glimmer of hope for you as you hay out th head out the . the actual speed, from 83 up toward 795, looking at a 9 minute clip at 55 miles per hour. and 53 miles per with a 12-minute ride from 795 toward 95. once you finally do hop on 95, not too much to complain about there, either, it's just a bit slick. but hey, no snow so we will take it from the fort mchenry tunnel, 8 minutes at bief miles pe-- 55 miles per hour. we want to focus on the weather so we turn to meteorologist steve fertig and all of the answers. >>> thank you, candace. the active weather is past us and moved early through this morning. the showers to the west in garrett county that we will continue to see it, but to the east things have dissipated quite a bit. it's time to relax, righ
gone by close of business sunday. >> it was insult to injury this afternoon. a water main break at massachusetts avenue in observatory circle caused low water pressure. the embassy of new zealand were without water. crews were able to repair the 8- inch main by 3:30 this afternoon. weather likely contributed to that break. >> structural damage shut down two wal-marts. the wal-mart on annapolis road in landover hills and the wal- mart on crane highway in bowie maryland were shut down on friday. rooftop snow is being blamed in the landover store and interior walls show. a green light to reopen. the bowie store remains closed until engineers can fix that building. >> you are looking at a live scene in arlington, virginia. the main roads are clear. it is working on secondary roads throughout the weekend. same for the city and county government. >> a lot of people are stuck in their homes this weekend and with valentine's day coming up tomorrow. how difficult is it going to be to find that special gift tonight? lindsey is reporting live. lindsey. >> hi, bruce. you know when you t
is in baghlan and kunduz, and the reason is this highway. in a country with few main roads, it's a major overland supply route for coalition forces, running from neighboring tajikistan, via kabul, all the way to the southern provinces. it would take two months before najibullah heard back from the taliban. he was told to meet a taliban intermediary, who would take him deep into the hills of baghlan province. they arrived at the insurgents' base just before sunset. this was not a place where journalists had traveled before. >> on that night, when i reached the guesthouse, i was thinking, "what shall i do? what did i done? why i came here?" >> narrator: for the next two weeks, najibullah would be given permission to live among the insurgents as a guest, and to document their daily lives. over the course of several days, he began to film-- at first, being shown mainly what the men wanted him to see. >> narrator: the men told najibullah they had ambushed this american armored personnel carrier, which they referred to as "a tank." >> narrator: najibullah found no evidence nearby to support th
. 6 inch main broke along vac road early this morning. knocked out water to several homes and created a big mess with one way in and one way out, others decided to wait for the water to return and continue to shovel the mounds of snow. >> we are home bound one more day. and i think everybody is kind of looking forward to getting out. to have to wake up to this is a disappointment. >>reporter: water main broke at 6:00 o'clock this morning. crew expected to have the necessary repairs immediate by night fall. >>> some great news tonight for people trying to get out of town. dwi airport is back open for business. the airport reopened thursday. there are still some flight delays however because of the storm sweeping currently down south. before you go to the airport call ahead to make sure your flight is running on time. >> 6 car metro train derailed early today just after 10:00 o'clock in the morning near the north station. that stop had to be shut down and trains had to share a single track. 3 people suffered minor injuries e.we heard about plane train, how about automobile? laure
to for the washington. >> reporter: ddot says 100% of the main roads and arteries are clear but this is not the case as long as -- as far as all lanes are concerned, curb to curb. a lot of people are clearing their cars or the sidewalks in front of businesses and dumping the snow back in the street. live in northwest, sherri ly. >> a lot of people will stay the city is dumping the snow from the streets on to the sidewalks. so two sides to every story. the students going back to class for the first time since the storms hit, some sidewalks are still snow-covered making it dangerous for kids to walk to the schools, blocking bus stops in some places. bad enough some parents wouldn't let their kids wait for the bus this morning. >> i'm not sure what the other parents did this morning. i was, like, i'm not saying that chance. she is my only. >> school systems worked to dealer the snow -- clear the snow and ice from school property but they aren't responsible for clearing bus stops. >>> prince george county schools and prince william in virginia are starting two hours later than normal. virginia help is o
at their children supplementary school. the parents are upset after a water main break at potomac landing elementary school forced officials to move the children to a nearby school, without notifying their parents. john gonzalez has part of the story. >> crews in prince george's county worked hours to repair the water main break early this morning, forcing hundreds of students out of this elementary school. the staff said they did everything correctly and by the book, but parents are still angry. when this woman came to pick up her child at school, she got quite a surprise. >> i was disturbed and scared. i did not know where he was. >> not only was he not here, he showed up an hour later on a school bus from a different school. nobody tried to notify you? >> no, they let us know this afternoon. >> when the water main ruptured last night, it left hundreds of homes and potomac landing elementary school without water. >> the school board told us he was ou here at 4:00 with the crew. >> we are told the schools and emergency plan did not go into effect until after the students arrived at 9:00. >> you cou
snowplows to have all the access they can get out there on the main routes. let's go over to the district, where roads aren't looking good either. the car will probably be stuck here in downtown dc for a while, and some bad news for all the kids out there, maybe adults as well who love the disney show. the ice show is supposed to be happening tonight at 7:30, they canceled that. they also canceled tomorrow morning's show. you can see why here on the streets. we see pedestrians on the streets. this is very dangerous, you guys. a lot of cars are driving and losing control on very icy patches. you want to be very careful both pedestrians and drivers. and watch out where you are watching below buildings right here. we see a lot of hanging ice. they can turn into flying missiles very fast. lots of things to watch out for. safety is a big thing for us. we want to emphasize that. stay safe, stay warm, stay in your house if you can. back to you. >> all right, the efforts to make those roads safe are largely in the hands of the road crews around our area. john lyle is with the dc department of tr
of the terminal main concourse up. and an atlas rocket was suspended, right in the middle of the space here. and the reason for that was that russia had just launched sputnik, its first satellite, and the space race was off in the united states. and americans were very nervous about russia being ahead of us technologically by launching this rocket. so the united states chose grand central, which is really is a town hall, where important news is delivered to the most people, as a place to reinforce the strength of america, so that people could be patriotic and feel confident that we were in the race, and we could also launch our own rocket, just like the russians. >> you'd think a building that represented so much that was great about america would be considered a historical treasure. yet it came surprisingly close to being torn down. that and more when we return. hey, mark. hey, mark. hey. where've you been? i lost my cat. aw. that's not right. yeah. so i made this cat magnet to try and get him back. cool. does it work? kinda. [meow] nice. yeah. but that's not my cat. i gotta keep working o
. the main argument that was given by the people from this christian group is that they were trying to take the children away because they were orphans. at least 21 of them have been reunited with family members. in many respects, that is why the judge decided to go to trial. they were stopped at the border with the children. >> thanks for that. more than a year after all formal dialogue between india and pakistan was suspended, the indian government has offered to restart talks. relations between the nuclear powers have been in a deep chill since the attacks in mumbai. the u.s. government is concerned and has been active recently between both capitals. >> the attacks in the heart of mumbai in november, 2008, brought the talks between india and pakistan to a halt. they have been suspended since. over 160 people were killed. india blamed pakistan-based militants. it also said its main purpose in restarting talks was after pakistan punished the militants. now, pakistan has welcomed the move of restarting the talks if it leads to full dialogue. >> [unintelligible] meaningful talks, and bilater
on main roads. look at this street. it's been in bad shape since the first snowstorm last friday and it is not alone. center drive is the main access road to a residential neighborhood off branch avenue in temple hills. it is a frozen lumpy mess of packed-down snow and ice. >> it hasn't been plowed too well. they had their problems. >> reporter: one man chose to leave his truck at the top of the hill rather than risk getting stuck. >> just as i try to get to my house, i get it stuck. >> reporter: with the help of the maryland national guard, prince george's county has taken delivery of two 20-ton trucks of badly-needed road salt. it's not soon enough for this service station manager. he paid $275 for snow removal, but cars have to enter via icy center drive. >> a week without business. >> reporter: in montgomery county off river road, more snow-covered lumpy roads. they are narrow residential streets. only one vehicle can safely come through at a time. friday morning's commute could be a difficult one. this is what people are looking at in many residential neighborhoods. the stre
, maybe and inch orwo west and north by the time we see it. the main thing will be will be some strong, strong winds. i'll tell you about that. a very, very slight chance of anything that we would say a major snowstorm. i don't think any big problems tomorrow morning rush hour. back to you. >> thank you, bob. >>> all eyes will be on the road in the morning with memories fresh with the gridlock from last week. jackie benson is in rosslyn one of the main choke points. >> reporter: officials are keeping their fingers crossed for tomorrow morning's rush hour. in nthern virginia, the snowplows are rolling once again, ready to spread deicing chemicals and sand in advance of the coming storm. just weeks after historic back-to-back snowstorms known as the blizzard of 2010, the prediction of maybe a few more inches of snow seems not so bad. the question is, how much more can people take? >> not much more. i'm about ready for spring. >> i can take all you can get. >> i don't mind being off tomorrow. i could take another one or two. >> reporter: in the district, the 3100 block of q street southea
in blacksburg, virginia. today was supposed to be a 4:00 p.m. tip but a water main break backed that up to 7:00 p.m. and for this instant classic to quote tom petty, the waiting truly is the hardest part. final seconds of the first half and tech going to save it and that's a mistake. off the miss from eric green, malcolm delaney not missing that one hand thr down and hokies led by six at the break. second half it's terps are down by eight. watch this desns. greivis vasquez is a three. not done. that's another three the next trip down the floor. wait a minute. there is more. that eight-point deficit is now one-point lead. a career high 41 for vasquez. final seconds. tied at 40. eric hayes not tied up any more. there is still five seconds to go. watch delaney, special behind the back. splits the defense and we ar going to overtime. tied at 82. in the first overtime it's vasquez fella again. another three. what a night for him but it was a eight second overtime to decide this one. in the second ot, the and the win? no sir. gathers the rebound and gary williams you exhale and hug eric hayes. get
. this is gmt from bbc world news with me. the main headlines, the chief executive of toyota has apologized. he says they are setting up a committee to raise control. >> four men facing criminal charges. the second at the hospital and joined on the line now. what is the latest can you tell us? >> we don't yet know how many people are caught up in this second blast which only happened about 25 minutes ago. as you said outside the emergency ward of the main hospital. >> about 40 young men on their way to a major procession. today is a major shia festival. this is precisely what authorities feared would happen. they had to other major cities to protect the processions but bombers were able to get through. >> at the time of the festival, the community would be a potential target? >> yes. only 40 days ago, which is the last major festival, there was another bombing everybody feared this was going to happen again today. >> thank you for joining us. prosecutors were admitted. all four face charges under the best acts they say they totally refute reporting more than half of you will the charges. the di
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